At Puccini's we have partnered with Dr. Lauren Loya of the Pgh Based Hormone Clinic to help people achieve healthier skin, nails, hair and overall well being through better diet and nutrition. The health and wellness space can be a very confusing area so we have partnered with them and ID Life to help guide you through what you can do for free to improve upon your health or specifically what supplements you should be taking and giving you the detailed clinical research and peer reviewed journals to back the recommendations.  

All the products offered are organic, natural, gluten, casein and soy free and use pharmaceutical grade ingredients to give you the best quality products while guiding you as to what time of the day your body will best absorb the nutrients. 

The company we partner with also offers a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. For more info view our link and take the personal health assessment.  


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